We know that your travel plans have been quite affected this year, and that a lot of you who wanted to come visit Europe this summer had to cancel their holidays… That’s bad luck.

The good news is that, because your trip has been delayed, you’ll be able to enjoy our VERY special offer next time you come to the old continent. 😉

Tell. Me. More.

You will probably come to Europe next year, won’t you? Will you be visiting France, Belgium or Spain?

If the answer is yes, then we are pleased to announce that we’ll refund you 100% of VAT on your first 100€ purchase (and up to 90% on the above spendings) made in one of these 3 countries. 🎉 How does it sound? Pretty good, isn’t it?

How does it work?

Simple. You just need to create your ZappTax account (for free) before November 30th by clicking here:


Once you’ve created your account, you have until December 31st next year (2021) to redeem the offer.

Want to know more about ZappTax? Click here!