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Whether you are an ardent user of ZappTax or not, there are some things (almost) nobody knows about us… And we are about to reveal them right now. Curious? Keep reading!

1. Everything started in… China!

The story begins in 2017 in China where our co-founders met by chance. As non-EU residents living in China, both had experienced tax-free shopping in Europe. They came up with the idea of making the process easier. ZappTax was incorporated in Europe a couple of months later.

2. We do not have any office in France but...

We have one in Brussels, Belgium and one in Chongqing, China. Our teams are spread over these two countries, which enables us to provide 24/7 customer support.

3. ZappTax is more than just an app

Besides providing a seamless tax-free shopping experience via our app, we also work in B2B2C with some Chinese partners. Diversifying our portfolio of activities before Covid-19 definitely helped us to sail through the pandemic.

4. Soon, we’ll bring tax-free shopping directly to your couch

Usually, to shop tax-free in France, you must come to France, shop in France and validate your French tax-free forms before leaving the EU. Not anymore!

Very soon, we’ll launch a new service which will enable you to shop tax-free in France… directly from your couch!

The concept is easy: order your favourite goods from any French e-commerce site and have them delivered to our warehouse in France. We’ll then forward your packages to your home, with a direct VAT refund. Who’s in?

On top of those little secrets, we are also proud to share with you our 6 main achievements of 2020. Go have a look!