⚠️ Longer refund time frames

Our refund time frame may be somewhat longer during the summer period (June to September).
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About ZappTax

ZappTax’s mission is plain and simple:

Help international travelers to more easily obtain refunds of the value added tax (VAT) they pay on goods they purchase while traveling abroad.

‘More easily’ means a more convenient and streamlined refund process, higher and faster refunds... combined with 24/7 flexible and instant customer support during the entire refund process.

The ZappTax service is available today to all non-EU resident travelers for purchases made in 3 European countries: France, Spain and Belgium with additional countries to follow soon.

ZappTax was founded in late 2017 by three seasoned European entrepreneurs with vast experience in the Internet, mobile and travel industry. ZappTax has offices in Belgium and China.

Belgium Jean-Marie Wodon


France Thomas Roussarie