Who doesn't want to travel to England? But first things first, before traveling you must be aware of these tips:

1. Make the most of the free museums.

Most of Britain’s museums and galleries are free to enter. Our favourites include the British Museum, Tate Modern and Natural History Museum in London, National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh or World Museum Liverpool. Plenty of others should be discovered!

Source- https://giphy.com/gifs/museum-sculpture-met-uULru6cnBO4gM

2. Go to the popular tourist spots early.

With this tip you will avoid long lineups and wait times. But you can also purchase tickets ahead online if possible and skip the queue.

3.  Take BritRail passes.

This is the best way to travel across England or other United Kingdom destinations (for additional fees).


4. Stand on the right on escalators.

This is a standard rule across the country, but is essential information, particularly if you’re using the London underground.

If you wish to stand still and take the journey at ease, always stand on the right as people in a hurry will be rushing past on the left.

5. Some English place names are not pronounced the way you expect.

If you pronounce the names the way they are spelt you will probably hear a few giggles.

The list is pretty extensive but here is the correct way to pronounce the following:

  • Loughborough – Luff/burrah
  • Cambois – Cam/iss
  • Alnwick – Ann/ick
  • Berwick – Ber/ick