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Have you ever witnessed or been involved in an accident while travelling but you weren’t sure who to call, or you couldn’t remember the number? It’s a situation that can happen to anyone, but one that’s easily avoided. Below is a list of the 5 most important numbers to know when you take your next trip to Belgium—hoping, of course, that you will never need them.

⚠️ It’s vital to know what information the emergency services will need once you’ve contacted them. First, identify yourself: let them know if you are a witness or a victim of an accident. Provide your first and last name and phone number if these are requested. Then, give your precise location or the precise location of the event you’re reporting so emergency responders will know where to go. Then, remaining calm, tell them why you are calling. If you are given instructions over the telephone, follow them closely and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

112 – The European emergency number 🇪🇺

If you remember only one number, make it this one. Any problem requiring any emergency service in any European Union Member State can be reported by dialling 112. This number can be reached everywhere in the EU and will connect you with emergency services in the country where you are located.

100 – Ambulance and fire brigade services 🚑 🚒

In Belgium, dial 100 for an ambulance or the fire brigade if someone needs urgent medical attention, is suffering from a coma, haemorrhage, chest pain or breathing difficulties or has stopped breathing, or has suffered burns . Also call in the event of a fire or gas leak, or in the event or when there is a risk of a structural collapse, natural disaster, burning, electrocution, or a traffic accident.

101 – Police 🚓

Dial 101 for the police if you witness or are the victim of violence, assault, theft or burglary.

116 000 – Child protection services 👶

Dial 116 000 for child protection services if you witness the abduction or sexual abuse of a child in Belgium.

070 245 245 – Poison control centre ☠️

Dial 070 245 245 for the poison control centre if you witness or are the victim of a situation in which someone is poisoned by a chemical, medical or otherwise toxic substance.

If you intend to travel to Belgium now or in the future and you aren’t familiar with the emergency numbers, it’s important to look them up so you can react quickly in the event of an emergency during your trip.

Our advice: add these numbers to your contacts so you have them to hand in the event of an emergency. And above all, stay safe.