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Easier, faster, more choice, better prices… Online shopping has a lot of benefits, and more and more people are taking advantage of it. Unfortunately, it is increasingly rare for online merchants to offer a VAT refund service for those who are eligible.

Fortunately, ZappTax allows you to get a VAT refund on your online purchases. How does it work? Keep reading to find out. 👇

Why was it difficult to shop tax-free online before ZappTax?

The number of online merchants offering tax refunds has fallen sharply in recent years. Gradual changes in regulations have made the service more complicated and harder for online merchants to implement.

How does tax-free online shopping work with ZappTax?

When you use ZappTax, you simply need to request an invoice (made out in the name of ZappTax) from the online merchant. We then take care of “transforming” your invoices into a tax-refund slip, which you will receive in electronic format in your mailbox.

Since you no longer have to request the tax refund form directly from the online merchant, and since it is easy to obtain an invoice on an e-commerce site, you can now get a VAT refund on all your eligible online purchases without worry!

How can I shop tax-free online with ZappTax?

To get your VAT refund for online purchases, you need to meet two conditions:

  • You must request an invoice made out in the name of ZappTax when finalizing your order.
  • Your purchases must be delivered to a country where the ZappTax service is available (France, Belgium, or Spain).

1) Request an invoice made out to ZappTax

To obtain an invoice made out at the name of ZappTax, what is required is that ZappTax’s contact information appears in the “billing address” field (but not in the “delivery address” field) of your order.

  • For France :

23, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
75001 Paris, France
VAT number: FR 35.830.041.844 (not required)
SIRET number: 830.041.844.00028 (not required)

  • For Belgium:

42, rue du Boulet
1000 Brussels, Belgium
VAT number: 0670 776 774 (required)

  • For Spain:

Bravo Murillo, 52 1-3
28003 Madrid, Spain
VAT number (CIF/NIF): N0173919B (required)

Note: It is essential that you include ZappTax’s VAT number for purchases in Belgium and Spain.

Most e-merchants allow you to add multiple addresses to your account. Create an entry for ZappTax to select as the billing address when finalising your order. The invoice will generally either be made available to you in your customer area when the goods are shipped, or sent by email at that time.

With a limited number of e-merchants, you will not need to create an additional ZappTax billing address in your profile. At the end of the order process, you will be able to insert ZappTax’s contact information directly in a dedicated “billing address” field.

If it is not possible to include the name and address of ZappTax in the billing information, please contact our team so that we can find a personalised solution to your problem.

2) Have your purchases delivered to France, Belgium, or Spain

ZappTax is a service that currently works in France, Belgium, and Spain. Thus, you can zero-rate your online purchases if they are delivered to you in one of these three countries, for example to the care of relatives, friends, family, etc.

Note: It is alright to place an internet order before you are physically present in the country. Once you arrive in the country where your goods were delivered, all you have to do is collect them.

Our team is here to help. If you need guidance or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate! Contact us right away via the chat button (at the bottom right of this page) or by email at .